a little back ground

please excuse my grhamer and spelling i was never a shakespear,or a hawthorn. for the past eight years i have been working in paper mill’s throught mass. and on and off i have substituted my income working for a security company, Here in the north shore . with that being said you probably asking your self why would you want to leave an industry that pays you sixty thousand a year for something that pays roughly thirty thousand a year?.

Well  truth be told im miserable working in the iindustry, its a swing shift for those that dont know what that is,Its a rotating shift mon -fri 7-3 week one weektwo 11pm-7am-week three 3pm-11pm with mandatory ot if your mate calles out .

That schedual is ok if your single and have no intetion of ever having a life.to top it off its a very negative industry full of divorced ,alcoholics,and drug addicts , whome operate heavy machinary under thhhhe influence .so its easy to see why i want to intentionally live my life the way i want to and not become subcomed to the everyday norm in my industry .

where did this dream and idea cooome from not really sure but , i do know for three years now its been a secret admiration of mine that i had just gone public with , i guess yoou could say , this is my outing lol .i had gone threw a horrible break up three  years ago she cheated and destroyed me i lost my house we built together and my dreams i struggled to pick up the pieces ,and find a new replacement which i was defeted in november after have gotten my heart broken multiple times.and went in to a dark place i wasnt happy with my life so .

Quit my two pack a day smoking habbit ,stoped drinking alcohol completely wich was a $3-400 a weekend drinking problem , and began to learn how to love and respect my self is the only way to make my dreams come true . now four moonths later i had an epiphany ,im 29 yo old male good looking single and have no kids with no ties so why not do what i want and be happy doing what i aspire .so i bought a gorgeous vintage mercier neon green with red trim fixie over the course of one week i quickly mad the choice to start intentionally living my life  so tommorow i have my first interview as a bicycle messenger and cant be more excited to hopefully walk in to my miserable job and give my notice .